No Meek Messiah
          Christianity's Lies, Laws and Legacy

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A "wonderful book... No Meek Messiah is one of the most bracing and hard-hitting books of its kind written in recent years. Its dissection of Christianity is relentless and exhaustive: from historical, philosophical, social, cultural, and psychological perspectives, it lays bare the fallacies, deceptions, and imbecilities of Christian belief. Written in lively, non-academic prose, the book is accessible to everyone--and should be read by everyone, believers and unbelievers alike." -- S. T. Joshi, award-winning critic and author of many books including The Unbelievers: The Evolution of Modern Atheism (2011) and The Angry Right: Why Conservatives Keep Getting It Wrong (2006).

"Paulkovich's stunning condemnation of the fallacious foundations of Judeo-Christian religion includes a unique year by year recounting of its atrocities and relentless annexations of territory and wealth... the lack of any real evidence for Jesus, human or divine, and its obvious plagiarism of earlier Mithraic legends for Christmas and Easter. Paulkovich's work combines rigorous scholarly research with wry humor and wit and will attract scholars and serious students as well as non-experts in search of an authentic and readable history of the period.
I am confident that No Meek Messiah will become a leading source for all interested in the history of religion." - Eric A. Stone, PhD, author of the forthcoming Atheism:The Struggle and the Promise.